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Internationalizing Applications
Preparing the User Interface : Graphics and icons : Images to avoid in graphics and icons : Symbols related to religion or culture
Symbols related to religion or culture
Do not use symbols related to religion or culture. They might be misunderstood or even give offense. For example, in some cultures birds symbolize bad luck, and in other cultures a skull and crossbones represents danger.
You should also consider the significance of certain numbers. For example, in some countries the number 13 is considered unlucky. Buildings often do not have a floor 13. The number 86 is often used to imply removing or stopping something as in "86 it." In parts of Asia the number 4 is pronounced the same as the word for death and is considered morbid. Not all numbers have a negative connotation. Some people consider the number 7 to be lucky.
Unless you have done an extensive study of numbers and their meanings in many cultures, you should avoid this type of reference to numbers or symbols.