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Internationalizing Applications
Preparing the User Interface : Designing with the AppBuilder : Localizing SmartObject masters

Localizing SmartObject masters

You can create localized SmartObjects masters. For example, you could create one SmartViewer for Irish addresses and another SmartViewer for United States addresses, each with the appropriate field labels and field sizes for the locale.
The following figure illustrates a SmartFolder with a SmartViewer designed to display Irish customer addresses. The SmartViewer includes a county field. The Irish address format includes the county and the United States address format does not. You could create a separate SmartViewer for displaying United States addresses.
The size of the telephone number field might also change to accommodate the difference in telephone numbers from location to location. You must consider all audiences within a country as well. The postal code is not necessary in a smaller Irish town like Killarney, but in a city like Dublin it is, so the Postal Code field was added. You must design objects so that all of the necessary information is included. The figure shows a SmartObject with an Irish address.
Figure 7. SmartObject labels