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Messaging and ESB
ABL - JMS API Reference : setReplyTimeToLive procedure

setReplyTimeToLive procedure

Sets the time to live value (in milliseconds) of the reply messages when the Message Consumer is passed to requestReply procedure.


PROCEDURE setReplyTimeToLive.

Applies to

Message Consumer objects


*Time to live is the number of milliseconds from the time the message is sent to the time the SonicMQ Broker can delete the message from the system.
*A value of 0 means the message never expires.
*The default is JMS-system-dependent; the SonicMQ default value is 0.
*The replyTimeToLive values can be set only once. The fractional part of the decimal value is truncated. If the value does not fit in a Java long value, Java rules for decimal-to-long conversion apply.

See also

setReplyPersistency procedure, getReplyPersistency function, setReplyPriority procedure, getReplyPriority function, setReplyTimeToLive procedure, getReplyTimeToLive function, setReplyAutoDelete procedure, getReplyAutoDelete function
For more information, see the Accessing message handler information and the Setting reply properties.