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Messaging and ESB
ABL - JMS API Reference : setNoAcknowledge procedure

setNoAcknowledge procedure

Instructs the ABL–JMS implementation not to acknowledge this message.


PROCEDURE setNoAcknowledge.

Applies to

Message Consumer objects


*This call should be made if the OpenEdge application fails to use the data in a message and must receive the message again.
*This call is an error if the session is transacted for receiving.
*If the Message Consumer object is used to handle error messages or for queue browsing, this call has no effect.

See also

acknowledgeAndForward procedure, setSingleMessageAcknowledgement procedure, getSingleMessageAcknowledgement function, setNoAcknowledge procedure, getNoAcknowledge function
For more information, see the Message acknowledgement, forwarding, and recovery and the Single-message acknowledgement.