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Messaging and ESB
ABL - JMS API Reference : setErrorHandler procedure

setErrorHandler procedure

Sets the error-handling procedure.


PROCEDURE setErrorHandler.

Applies to

Session objects


*The application must create the error-handling messageConsumer object and call setErrorHandler procedure after calling beginSession procedure . If the application does not call setErrorHandler procedure, a default error handler displays the error message and the properties in alert boxes.
*The application should handle asynchronously reported error conditions programmatically by creating an error-handling Message Consumer object and passing it to setErrorHandler procedure in the Session object. setErrorHandler procedure creates an error-handling Message Consumer object.
*Asynchronous conditions are always reported as a TextMessage with several possible CHARACTER message properties. The CHARACTER properties that might be included in the message header are: exception, errorCode, linkedException-1, linkedException-2 … linkedException-n (where n is a number of additional exceptions linked to the main exception).
*getPropertyNames function can be used to get the list of properties in the error message header.

See also

setErrorHandler procedure, setNoErrorDisplay procedure
For more information, see the Error and condition handling. For an example, see Messaging Examples.