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Messaging and ESB
ABL - JMS API Reference : getTempTable function

getTempTable function

Gets the handle to the newly created TempTable.


FUNCTION getTempTable (INPUT name, INPUT schemaLocation,
    INPUT fieldtypeMapping) RETURNS HANDLE.

Applies to

Message objects


*The handle parameter must be a declared handle. Any previous value of the handle parameter will be lost.
*The schema parameters specify the schema information and are passed directly to the READ-XML method. Specifying an Unknown value (?) for any of the schema parameters will result in the use of the default value for that parameter.
*The TempTable is created from reading the TempTableMessage and using the READ-XML method.
*The name parameter is the name of the widget-pool to be used when creating the TempTable. (For more information on widget pools, see the CREATE-TEMP-TABLE entry in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.) A value of "?" will result in the use of the default pool.

See also

createTempTableMessage procedure, setTempTable procedure, getTempTable function
For more information, see the TempTableMessage.