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Messaging and ESB
ABL - JMS API Reference : getItemType function

getItemType function

Returns the data type of an item in a MapMessage.



Applies to

Message objects


*Possible values include UNKNOWN, boolean, byte, short, char, int, datetime-tz, long, float, double, string, or longchar.
*It returns UNKNOWN if the item does not exist.
*The getItemType function cannot precisely determine certain data types. It is important to be aware of the following limitations:
*String valuesgetItemType function returns the longchar value for a data item consisting of a string longer than 32K. If the item is a string of 32K or less, the function returns the string value for both CHARACTER and LONGCHAR data. In the latter case, it is the responsibility of the ABL programmer to know the order of items in the MapMessage and to call the correct function to interpret the data appropriately.
*Date valuesgetItemType function returns the datetime-tz value for all date items.

See also

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For more information, see the MapMessage.