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Messaging and ESB
Guidelines for Using and Programming for the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Native Invocation methodology : Declarative invocation files : Annotating multiple source files at once
Annotating multiple source files at once
To annotate multiple source files at once:
1. Start the wizard by selecting Source > Add Annotation. This displays the Add Annotations dialog:
2. Select ESB Annotation - Main from the Select annotation or enter annotation text in editor drop-down.
3. Check the files to annotate in Available Resources. Click Finish if you are only annotating external procedures, or click Next to also annotate internal procedures and functions.
4. ABL source files with internal procedures and functions are expandable in the Selected Methods tree view. Select the internal procedures and functions you want annotated and click Finish.
Note: The execution mode of the main annotation of an external procedure must be persistent if you are annotating internal procedures and functions. If not specified in this manner, you are prompted to change the execution mode of the external procedure.