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Error Handling
Traditional Error Handling : Understanding OpenEdge messages

Understanding OpenEdge messages

Run-time system error messages inform you of errors encountered while the AVM is running a procedure.
For the remainder of this document, the term error message refers to either an OpenEdge system error message (execution message) or a user-defined application error message.
The Preface of each OpenEdge document, including this one, contains standard instructions for accessing information about specific error messages. You can use the Help system in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to get more information about particular error messages.
An OpenEdge error is associated with an error string and an error number, as shown in the following example:
  Error string                               Error number
**FIND FIRST/LAST failed for table Customer (565)
In OpenEdge documentation, the term error message refers to the error string and the error number together as displayed in the standard output.
* Progress messages (promsgs) file