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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger dialog boxes : Attach to Process dialog box : Using the Attach to debug-ready Process option
Using the Attach to debug-ready Process option
To attach to a process that is already in a debug-ready state:
1. Select the Attach to debug-ready Process radio button.
2. Enter the name of the host on which the process is running, or accept the default localhost. You must enter a host name if the process is not running on the same machine as the Debugger.
3. Enter the port number used to make the process debug-ready. For more information, see Making the process ready for debugging.
4. Click OK.
After successfully connecting, the dialog box closes, and the AVM instance gives control to the Debugger. The listing for the currently running procedure appears in the source code pane, at the point where the Debugger connection was acknowledged. For hidden procedures, the source code pane appears empty, but the Debugger announces the connection and indicates that the AVM instance will break at the first line of application code. Debugging can proceed as described for all other modes.
If the attempt fails because the process was not in a debug-ready state, the Debugger reports only that the connection attempt timed out (it does not recognize that the process was not in a debug-ready state). The attempt can also fail because you specified an incorrect host name or port.
Note: In attachable mode, when the top-level procedure terminates, possibly returning control to the Procedure Editor or AppBuilder, the Debugger window does not automatically hide, but remains in view.
If control does return to the application development environment, you restart debugging on the application by choosing Compile > Debug. At that point the AVM instance gives control to the Debugger, stopping at the first executable line of the application, just as it would if you had not attached.