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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Debugger Window and Files : Debugger dialog boxes : Attach to Process dialog box
Attach to Process dialog box
The Attach to Process dialog box lets you attach the Debugger to a running client process. Optionally, you can make the process debug-ready and attach to it in a single step.For more information on making a process debug-ready, see Making the process ready for debugging. The following figure shows the Attach to Process dialog box.
Figure 14. Attach to Process dialog box
Access this dialog box by choosing Debug > Attach > to Process after starting the Debugger in attachable mode. Select either of the following options:
*Make debug-ready and attach (local host only) — Makes a process debug-ready and attaches the Debugger to the process. Select this option only if the process is running on the same machine as the Debugger. Choosing the Get List button lets you select an existing process in the Select Process dialog box. For more information, see SelectProcess dialog box .
*Attach to debug-ready process — Attaches the Debugger to a process you have already made debug-ready using either the -debugReady startup parameter or the proDebugConfig command. Select this option if the ABL Virtual Machine (AVM) instance is not running on the same machine as the Debugger.
* Using the Make debug-ready and Attach option
* Using the Attach to debug-ready Process option