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Debugging and Troubleshooting
OpenEdge Debugger : Introduction : Debugging in a distributed environment : Distributed debugging
Distributed debugging
Distributed debugging is the ability to debug associated ABL processes within a distributed application environment. That is, one debugger session can control both the client process and AppServer process, giving the client session the ability to step into code running on the AppServer. The procedure call stack reflects all procedures in all processes involved, enabling the root client application to be aware of the AppServer processes it is debugging. The root client application is the client application that initiates the Debugger using distributed debugging.
You can use distributed debugging on AppServers running in any session-managed operating mode (that is, state-reset, state-aware, stateless, but not state-free).
You can run the Debugger using distributed debugging to debug local procedures, remote procedures, and remote procedures executed by other remote procedures. An AppServer process that is once, twice, or further removed from the initial debugger session can be debugged in this manner.
For more information about distributed debugging on AppServers, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.