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Debugging and Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : DataServer logging

DataServer logging

Specifying DataServer log entry types turns on logging for the DataServer client and the server contexts. The log entry types do not control the generic logging of runtime errors and messages during execution. The logging level specified with the log entry type controls the amount of information to be logged. The logging levels range from 0 to 4, although specific log entry types use a logging level value between 2 and 4.
Note: The logging levels range from 0 to 4, both for the client and server contexts. Level 0 logs no entries and using that level is equivalent to turning the logging off. Level 1 logs all error messages and is unrelated to the entry type specified. Errors continue to be logged at higher logging levels. Level 4 is reserved for future releases and no additional logs are generated for most of the log entry types.
* DataServer client context logging
* DataServer server context logging
* DataServer logging switch for ABL to SQL correlation