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Troubleshooting Resources : Log Entry Types Detail : DataServer logging : DataServer logging switch for ABL to SQL correlation
DataServer logging switch for ABL to SQL correlation
The PRGRS_LOG_ABL connection switch enables logging of the ABL to SQL correlation on the MS SQL and Oracle DataServers. The DataServer log file provides information, to the DataServer, about every ABL statement that executes on the foreign data sources and the correlated SQL query statements.
You use the SQL log entry type only to obtain log output that consists of information on SQL query in the server context. However, with the PRGRS_LOG_ABL switch, you can obtain the ABL code information for the entire server context, independent of the specific log entry types selected on the server. You can build a correlative intelligence into the functional domain of any other log entry type on the server.
Like the other Enhanced Logger log entry types, even the PRGRS_LOG_ABL connection switch is not turned on by default. If you want to log information for the component domain of any specific log entry type, you select that log entry type either at startup or during runtime of an application. In the server context, you can use the -Dsrv connection switch to define a log entry type at startup.
Similarly, you can set the client context switch, PRGRS_LOG_ABL, using the -Dsrv switch at client startup using the following syntax:
-Dsrv logentrytypes,SQL,PRGRS_LOG_ABL,n
where, n indicates a switch value between 0 and 2 as listed in the following table.
Table 38. PRGRS_LOG_ABL connection switch values
Switch Value
Disables the ABL to SQL correlation feature. No correlation information will be logged.
Enables the ABL to SQL correlation feature for SQL-related log entry types. Every SQL request derived from the log entry type output is prefixed with ABL filename and line number which can be correlated to a compiled listings file.
Enables a superset of value 1 which, along with correlation information, includes visual delimiters marking the start and end of each ABL file module.
Note: The logging levels range from 0 to 4, although specific log entry types use a logging level value between 2 and 4. The logging level specified with the log entry type controls the degree of detail to be logged. The information obtained covers various attributes of the DataServer both in the client and server contexts. The PRGRS_LOG_ABL switch enables only the logging of ABL to SQL correlation.
For more information on DataServer logging,see OpenEdge Data Management: DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server, and OpenEdge Data Management: DataServer for Oracle.