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Basic Database Tools
Schema Menu Reference : Field Editor option : Field Triggers

Field Triggers

Choose Triggers from the Field Editor to define ASSIGN trigger programs for the field. ASSIGN triggers execute when you assign a value to a database field. When you choose Triggers, a Field Triggers dialog box similar to the one shown in the following figure appears.
Figure 31. Field Triggers dialog box
The Field Triggers dialog box contains the following fields:
*For ASSIGN — Specifies the name of the trigger procedure. If you want to create or edit the procedure, press PUT and a trigger editor appears.
*Overrideable — Specifies whether a session trigger can override the schema trigger. The default value is no. For more information about session and schema triggers, see the chapter on database triggers in OpenEdge Getting Started: ABL Essentials.
*Check CRC — Specifies whether the database engine verifies the cyclical redundancy check (CRC) code. The default value is yes. If this option is on, then the AVM stores in the metaschema, along with the trigger procedure name, a unique Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) identifier for the compiled version of the trigger procedure. The AVM raises an error if the r-code file it encounters at run time doesn't match or if there is no compiled version of the procedure.