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Basic Database Tools
Admin Menu Reference : Dump Data and Definitions option : Audit Policies option : Dump as Text
Dump as Text
When you choose the Dump as Text (.ad file) option from the Audit Policies submenu, the Select Audit Policies for Dump dialog box appears, containing the names and descriptions of all audit policies.
After you select the policies you want to dump and click OK, the Dump Audit Policies as Text dialog box appears, and contains the following fields:
*Output Directory — The name of the directory into which the Data Dictionary places the dumped files. Leave this field blank to use the current directory. The dumped files are named for the tables from which they are dumped with extension.
*Code Page — Indicates that the file will be dumped in the UTF-8 format. You cannot change the code page when dumping audit policies.
If the Data Dictionary encounters an error, it places an error file (_dmpsec.e) in the intended dump directory. If the dump directory does not exist, the Data Dictionary places _dmpsec.e in the session's current working directory.
Note: The connected user must have Audit Administrator permissions in order to access the Dump as Text option. For information about granting Audit Administrator permissions, see Edit Audit Permissions option.