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Basic Database Tools
Field Tasks : Adding a field

Adding a field

When you add a field, you modify the database's schema.
To add a field to a table:
1. Choose Schema > Field Editor. The Data Dictionary's Field Editor alphabetically lists all the tables defined for your database.
2. Select the table to which you want to add a new field. The Field Editor lists all the fields defined for the selected table.
3. Choose the Add option from the horizontal menu at the bottom of the window. A window similar to the following appears:
4. Define the field attributes. See Field Editor option for more information about the fields in this window.
5. Press RETURN or GO.
6. Choose Exit to apply the change. The Field Editor displays an alert box asking if you want to apply or undo the changes to the database, or if you want to make other changes.
7. Choose Apply Changes. The main menu of the Data Dictionary main window reappears.