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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : WebClient application updates : Updating procedure libraries

Updating procedure libraries

If your WebClient application uses procedure libraries, they might require special handling to update. While IntelliStream can perform incremental updates to standard procedure libraries, the technology does not support incremental updates to memory-mapped procedure libraries.
Progress Software Corporation recommends that you do not use memory-mapped procedure libraries in WebClient applications. If your WebClient application must use memory-mapped procedure libraries, you can consider the following alternatives:
*Do not attempt incremental updates of the memory-mapped procedure library. Instead, whenever the contents of the procedure library change, create a new version of your WebClient application and do not support previous versions with the older procedure library.
*Do not use IntelliStream to update your WebClient application. Use another solution for upgrades.
*Include the standard procedure library from which you create the memory-mapped procedure library in your deployment. Update the contents of the standard procedure library with IntelliStream. Then, use a procedure that creates a new memory-mapped procedure library on the client with PROLIB.