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WebClient Applications
Designing Your End User's Experience : Uninstalling your application

Uninstalling your application

Typically, installer technology includes an uninstallation feature. For example:
*If you use IntelliStream to install your application, WebClient provides the uninstallation technology for your application.
*If you use an external installer to install your application, your uninstallation program must be made available to remove the application from the user's machine.
*If you use an external installer to install your application and IntelliStream to update your application, then the external installer's uninstallation program must call WebClient Initializer in uninstall mode to remove any update files and registry key values that IntelliStream added.
Since they cannot write to the correct registry keys, users without Administrator privileges cannot uninstall an Administrator installation. Since they cannot see another user's personal installation, no user can uninstall another user's personal installation.
If an uninstall fails, you can perform a manual uninstall of WebClient following the same general procedure as outlined for uninstalling OpenEdge in OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
Caution: If you use IntelliStream to install or update your application and you plan to uninstall the WebClient, then you must uninstall your application before you uninstall the WebClient.
For more information, see Deploying an Application