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WebClient Applications
Overview : Requirements for using WebClient

Requirements for using WebClient

To successfully install and use a WebClient application, the end user's machine requires the following:
*Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista operating systems
Note: Installations in Microsoft Vista include some additional considerations. For more information, see the Microsoft Vista installations.
*Sufficient disk space for the WebClient and the application files
Note: During installation, you should shut down non-essential programs and processes to free up DLLs and such.
*Appropriate write privileges for installation and upgrades
The standard model assumes that the WebClient automatically checks for and installs upgrades when it runs. Any end user has sufficient privileges to upgrade their personal WebClient installations. However, an administrator must grant certain privileges to non-administrators to enable them to upgrade an Administrator WebClient installation. If the end users are not granted those privileges, an administrator would need to arrange batch jobs with proper privileges to keep the WebClient application up-to-date. For more information on this, see the Granting write privileges .
*If running the installer over the Web, a Web browser that supports ActiveX controls or plug-in technology, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2 (or later versions).