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WebClient Applications
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Describes the architecture, requirements, and typical application scenarios for using the WebClient to implement OpenEdge on the Web, including an overview of typical implementation steps.
Designing Your End User's Experience
Describes the available delivery options for deploying a WebClient application, including recommended combinations.
Hosting the WebClient Deployment
Describes and compares the options for configuring the deployment environment for a WebClient application, including information on supported servers and server software.
Designing Security
Provides an overview of security concepts and describes how the WebClient architecture supports security for typical application scenarios.
Developing the Application
Describes how to use ABL to implement WebClient application design decisions and requirements.
Deploying an Application
Provides a guide to the tasks you must complete and the tools you must use to implement your delivery design and deploy a WebClient application in your deployment environment.
Your End Users' Experience
Provides information that your application users might need to know to install and run your application, and to help you troubleshoot any WebClient applications running on their system.
Deploying the Sample Application with IntelliStream
Describes how to deploy the SprotsPro sample application using WebClient with IntelliStream™.
Deploying the Sample Application Without IntelliStream
Describes how to deploy the SportsPro sample application using WebClient without IntelliStream.