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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Installation type considerations : Personal installations : InstallShield Setup Player add-on and personal installations
InstallShield Setup Player add-on and personal installations
The WebClient One-Click Install requires the InstallShield Setup Player to run properly. The InstallShield Setup Player is an Activex control provided by Flexera Software that is installed by Internet Explorer as an Add-on. There are applications besides WebClient that might install the InstallShield Setup Player. Once the Add-on is installed, any application can use it for their over-the-Web installs.
If the Add-on is not present, a personal WebClient installation fails. You can check whether or not the Add-on is installed by choosing Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons in Internet Explorer. Look for InstallShield Setup Player V12 from Flexera Software in the dialog that appears. However, this installation requires Administrator write privileges.
If the Add-on is not present, you can correct this deficit before installing WebClient by having an Administrator install the control directly on the end users' machines. The OpenEdge installation includes the following installer for the Add-on:
You can distribute this installer to your end-users. An Administrator can use the following command to silently install and register the Add-on:
source-directory\SetupPlayer12.msi /qn
The next time that Internet Explorer runs on the machine, the Add-on is available and a personal WebClient installation can succeed.
If you need to uninstall the Add-on, have an Administrator run this command:
MsiExec.exe /X{80482183-337F-46D1-AF8B-F2686C9E7498}