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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Choosing an installation method : External installer : Application installer registry key entries for the configuration file
Application installer registry key entries for the configuration file
The ProwcappLocator registry keys are required if the installer sets up a shortcut for the application. Your installation program must create the following registry key and registry key values defining the server for the application configuration file under this key:
Where <Basekey> is either the HKLM or the HKCU registry hive depending on the installation type, and <VendorName> and <ApplicationName> match the values you enter in the General tab of the WebClient Application Assembler when you define your application.
The following table lists the registry key values as they appear in the registry and provides a description of the information that appears under Data in the registry.
Table 9. Configuration file registry key entries
Registry key value name
Indicates the type of server on which the configuration file is located. The type must be InternetServer.
Well formed URL used to identify where the configuration file is located. The URL must begin with HTTP://, HTTPS://, or File://.
Filename of the application CAB file containing the application configuration file (.prowcapc).
Information displayed to your end users when WebClient requests authentication information. For more information see Designing Security
Indicates whether WebClient should prompt the user for authentication information for the server before downloading the application configuration file. This value can be either Yesor No. If Yes, WebClient prompts the user for authentication information.
Indicates whether or not a users can save authentication information in a persistent cache on their machines. This value can be Yes or No. If Yes, the information cannot be saved. If No, the information can be saved.