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WebClient Applications
Deploying an Application : Choosing an installation method : IntelliStream


When you use IntelliStream, the WebClient Application Assembler generates all the deployment files necessary to install and run your application. In addition, when you make changes to your application, you can use the WebClient Application Assembler to easily generate the files you need to update your application.
You take advantage of the IntelliStream features by defining application components. To define a component, your compiled application code must be available to your development machine. In addition, you must package the compiled application code to reflect how you want to deploy the application. For example, you must add your r-code to any procedure libraries that you include, and all the files must reside in the same directory structure that you intend to create on your end user's machine. Therefore, you must be able to access these files through the WebClient Application Assembler's Add Files to Component dialog. For more information about developing your application and compiling your code, see Developing the Application
* Application components
* System tasks
* ABL install procedure
* Uninstall