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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Introduction : Using parameter files

Using parameter files

A parameter file is an operating system file that contains one or more startup parameters. The primary reason to use a parameter file is to avoid typing commands each time you want to start OpenEdge. Instead of repeatedly typing a series of parameters and other arguments, type them once and place them in a parameter file. You can also use a parameter file to maintain the startup parameters for a particular database, group of users, or system configuration. A parameter file has a .pf extension.
Every OpenEdge executable invokes a parameter file named by default. This file is located in the DLC directory. It must exist for OpenEdge to execute properly. You can modify to add parameter definitions. You can also create one or more additional parameter files and direct OpenEdge to invoke them after it invokes
Note: In Windows, you can specify the name of the OpenEdge startup file using the PROSTARTUP environment variable in the progress.ini file and the Registry. See OpenEdge Deployment: Managing ABL Applications for more information on the progress.ini file.
* Calling parameter files
* Creating and editing parameter files
* Parameter file format