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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Startup Parameter Descriptions : Shared-memory Overflow Size (-Mxs)

Shared-memory Overflow Size (-Mxs)

Use Shared-memory Overflow (-Mxs) to replace the default value of the shared-memory overflow area; it does not increase it.
Note: Starting in Release 10.1C, the OpenEdge RDBMS expands the range of internal validations used to ensure database consistency in both index and data blocks during forward processing. Validations using PROUTIL can be run online as part of routine health checks. For more information, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.
Operating system and syntax
UNIX / Windows
-Mxs n
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
Database Server

1 The maximum is limited only by the size of the signed integer data type on the system. If your system uses a 4 byte integer, then the formula is: 16KB + (n*300). For all other systems, the formula is: 16KB + (n*400).

The size of the shared-memory overflow area in kilobytes.
The overflow area is appended to the shared-memory area. This parameter is relevant only on shared-memory systems.
If the overflow area is too small, OpenEdge exits with the following message:
SYSTEM ERROR: Out of free shared memory. Use -Mxs to increase.
Depending on the operating system, OpenEdge rounds the shared-memory area size to the next 512-byte or 4K boundary.