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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Startup Parameter Descriptions : Preload CLR (-preloadCLR)

Preload CLR (-preloadCLR)

Use Preload CLR (-preloadCLR) to load the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) and any specified assemblies into the ABL session at startup. This provides for deterministic loading of the CLR and assemblies when the application is started.
Operating system and syntax
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
Client Session
If you do not specify -preloadCLR, the AVM loads the CLR the first time ABL refers to, or uses, a .NET type or object either at compile time or runtime. The individual assemblies are loaded as needed.
If you specify -preloadCLR and the client machine does not have an appropriate version of the .NET framework installed, OpenEdge raises an error and shuts down.
For more information on accessing .NET objects using the ABL, see OpenEdge Development: GUI for .NET Programming. For information on the .NET CLR, refer to the Microsoft .NET Framework documentation.