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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Startup Parameter Descriptions : Physical Database Name (-db)

Physical Database Name (-db)

Use Physical Database Name (-db) to connect one or more OpenEdge databases.
Operating system and syntax
UNIX / Windows
-db physical-dbname
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
Client Connection
The database to connect to when an OpenEdge session is started. Specify the physical (not the logical) database name. If you are connecting in single-user mode or through shared memory, and the database is not in your current directory, you must specify the full path of the database.
Use Single-user Mode (-1) after the name of the database to connect in single-user mode. You do not have to precede the first database on the command line with -db; however, for all subsequent databases that you want to connect, precede the database name with -db. For example, the following command connects two databases, abc and xyz:
pro abc -B 30 -db xyz -B 40