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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Startup Parameter Descriptions : No Auto-Increment Warnings (-noincrwarn)

No Auto-Increment Warnings (-noincrwarn)

Use No Auto-Increment Warnings (-noincrwarn) to suppress messages (5407) through (5410).
Operating system and syntax
UNIX / Windows
Use with
Maximum value
Minimum value
Single-user default
Multi-user default
Client Session
The auto-increment messages, messages (5407) through (5410), warn about the automatic resource usage increases by the Maximum Memory (-mmax), Nested Blocks (-nb), Local Buffer Size (-l), and Directory Size (-D) startup parameters.
Note: Using the SESSION:SUPPRESS-WARNINGS attribute will suppress all warning messages during a session, including auto-increment warnings. By using the No Auto-Increment Warnings (-noincrwarn) startup parameter without the SESSION:SUPPRESS-WARNINGS attribute, all normal warning messages display except the auto-increment warning messages.
Caution: The auto-increment warnings may indicate a memory leak in your application, resulting in excessive resource usage. The No Auto-Increment Warnings (-noincrwarn) startup parameter does not stop this excess resource usage; it stops the reporting of this condition.