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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Introduction : Using parameter files : Calling parameter files : Calling multiple parameter files
Calling multiple parameter files
You can use the -pf parameter as many times as you like on a command line. This lets you specify application-specific parameters in one parameter file, database-specific parameters in a second parameter file, and user-specific parameters in yet another parameter file. It also allows you to connect to multiple databases from the same command line or CONNECT statement.
When connecting to more than one database, the startup parameters must appear after the corresponding Physical Database Name (-db) parameter and database name. If connecting to more than one database, consider putting all the database-related parameters in a parameter file, then add the -db parameter to the top of the file. To support earlier releases, OpenEdge assigns any startup parameters that precede all database names to the first database on the command line.
OpenEdge processes parameters from left to right. Each -pf parameter encountered is processed first before the next top-level parameter is evaluated. If a parameter file specified by -pf contains another -pf parameter, the nested parameter file is evaluated before resuming the top-level processing.
Note: If the same parameter is mentioned more than once, the last occurrence takes precedence.