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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Introduction : About startup parameters

About startup parameters

You use startup parameters with the startup commands to help define the context in which the database processes and client sessions run. The requirements and use of parameters varies with the different operating systems and network environments. For example, you can use the startup parameters to control how a client connects to a database and enhance database server and client performance. Startup parameters are organized within the following usage categories:
*Client session
*Client connection
*OpenEdge database server
For more information about the startup parameter usage categories, see Startup Parameter Usage Categories. For details on the individual startup parameters, see Startup Parameter Descriptions.
You can access the list of startup parameters defined at startup for the current OpenEdge session by reading the STARTUP-PARAMETERS attribute on the SESSION system handle from an ABL procedure. For more information about the STARTUP-PARAMETERS attribute, or the SESSION system handle, see OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.