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Managing ABL Applications
Building OpenEdge Executables : Building executables on UNIX : Using the customized UNIX executable

Using the customized UNIX executable

To use the new executable, you must replace the default executable and set appropriate permissions.
To replace your default client executable:
1. Backup the original OpenEdge client executable. For example:
proenv> cp $DLC/bin/_progres $DLC/bin/_progres.orig
Caution: Do not skip this step. This provides you with a way to rollback your change without reinstalling OpenEdge.
2. Replace the original OpenEdge client executable with a copy of your customized executable. For example, assuming the default setting of IMAGE, use the following command:
proenv> cp $DLC/oebuild/_progres $DLC/bin/_progres
3. Change permissions on the newly created executable to include the Set UID bit.For example:
proenv> chmod u+s $DLC/bin/_progres