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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Maintaining User Environments : Maintaining the Windows user environment : Using the INI2REG utility : Maintaining the progress.ini file : Specifying environment variables
Specifying environment variables
The following table lists the environment variables you can set in either the Startup section or the WinChar Startup section of the progress.ini file.
Table 9. Environment variables
Code example
A list of directory paths separated by commas. When you run a procedure from within an OpenEdge session with the RUN statement, OpenEdge searches for it in the directory paths defined in PROPATH in the order listed.
Note: When OpenEdge encounters a period in PROPATH (".,C . . ."), it substitutes the pathname of the current directory.
The full pathname of the OpenEdge error messages file. The default value is install-dir\PROMSGS. You only have to set the PROMSGS environment variable if you want to use an error messages file different from the default PROMSGS file in the installation directory.
The path name of your product's configuration file. The configuration file is a data file that identifies the OpenEdge product and components that you are licensed to use. Reset PROCFG if you have moved the configuration file from the directory in which you installed OpenEdge.
The name of the OpenEdge startup parameter file. The default is
The pathname of the directory in which you installed the OpenEdge system software.