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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Maintaining User Environments : Maintaining the Windows user environment : Using the INI2REG utility
Using the INI2REG utility
The INI2REG utility lets you translate the contents of an initialization (.ini) file into comparable Registry key entries. You can access the INI2REG utility through a graphical user interface or from the command line.
To access the INI2REG utility and translate an initialization file:
1. From the Windows Start menu, choose OpenEdge > Proenv.
2. Enter the INI2REG command as follows:
The INI File to Registry Translation dialog box appears:
3. From the INI File to Registry Translation dialog box, choose the Browse button or File > Open. The Open dialog box appears.
4. Type in or browse for the initialization file you want to translate, and choose OK. The name of the selected file appears in the .INI file to translate field.
5. From the Registry base key drop-down list, select the base key under which you want to create the subkey entries. The default subkey that corresponds to the selected initialization file and base key appears in the Registry subkey field.
If you want to use a subkey other than the default, type the subkey name in the Registry subkey field.
6. To begin the translation, choose the Translate button or FileTranslate. For each entry in the initialization file, INI2REG creates a Registry key entry with the same value. As each entry is translated, it appears in the Values being translated display area. If a Registry key entry already exists, INI2REG prompts you to overwrite it.
7. To exit, choose the Exit button or FileExit.
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