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Managing ABL Applications
Deployment Considerations : Upgrades : Modifying the application database : OpenEdge product upgrades
OpenEdge product upgrades
The user might upgrade from an OpenEdge product that does not support full development to either the 4GL Development System, OpenEdge Studio, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, or WebSpeed Workshop.
To allow the users of a previously restricted application database to run your application using the capabilities of their new, less restrictive version of OpenEdge:
1. Create a new basic database.
2. Distribute the new basic database to the user.
The user must use the dump/load facility you provided to dump the existing database, make a copy of the new basic database, and reload the existing data into that new database.
If the new version of OpenEdge is being installed in a different directory than the old version, UNIX users can use the _tlr module to edit the value of the DLC variable in your application scripts.