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Managing ABL Applications
Deployment Considerations : Upgrades : Modifying the application database

Modifying the application database

Upgrading is more complicated when you have to change the database schema. If you are upgrading with unencrypted source, encrypted source, or CRC-based r-code, you can supply an incremental .df file and copies of the modified procedures.
If you are upgrading with time-stamp-based r-code, you must supply the following:
*A new empty application database that includes the modified tables, fields, and indexes
*Precompiled versions of all modified procedures
*Dump/load utilities that will dump the user's data and definitions and load them into the new empty database
* Upgrading with updated .df and encrypted source
* Upgrading with updated .df and CRC-based r-code
* Upgrading with time-stamp-based r-code files
* OpenEdge product upgrades