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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Maintaining User Environments : Maintaining the UNIX user environment : Maintaining the buildenv script
Maintaining the buildenv script
The buildenv script contains settings for the following types of options:
*Options required by OpenEdge
*Options required by OpenEdge tools
*User-defined options
*Environment variables
The following shows an excerpt from a sample buildenv script.
Table 11. Sample buildenv script on UNIX
export MACHINE
UDORA="User Defined"
export UDORA
if [ x$RDL = x -a -f `pwd`/buildenv.log ] ; then
rm -f `pwd`/buildenv.log
if [ x$RDL != x ]; then
# If ORALIB is not set already, attempt to set it
# ORACLE_HOME must be set for the following to work. Error if unset.
if [ "x$ORALIB" = x -a "x$ORACLE_HOME" != x ] ; then
# Execute ('source' into current environment) if it exists.
# (it is assumed to be a Bourne-shell compatible script which, when
# finished, has defined an appropriate value for $ORALIB.
if [ -x $DLC/oebuild/build/ ] ; then
. $DLC/oebuild/build/
else . . .
You can edit this script to customize environments at different sites. The buildenv script is located in the $DLC/oebuild/make directory. OpenEdge uses the buildenv script to maintain environment variables that define objects, libraries, and options required for building executables on UNIX. For more information about building OpenEdge executables, see Building OpenEdge Executables