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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Initial Programming Considerations : Data types : Working with unsupported data types

Working with unsupported data types

You can read data from tables containing unsupported data types by using two possible workarounds - first, by creating a view or, secondly, by using a stored procedure.
To use the first workaround, create a view in the SQL Server database that excludes the unsupported column so that only supported data types are available. For more information on views, see MS SQL Server data source views.
To use the second workaround, write your own stored procedure with the RUN STORED PROCEDURE statement or write SQL into a SEND-SQL-STATEMENT stored procedure call that expresses Data Manipulation Language (DML) adequate to handle the table object without the unsupported types. You can omit the unsupported data type in your DML statements such that they are not returned in the result set or are CAST to data types that are supported. For more information on stored procedures, see RDBMS Stored Procedure Details.