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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder : Connecting a schema holder at startup : Using a local DataServer configuration
Using a local DataServer configuration
Use the following general command syntax to start OpenEdge:
*In single-user mode
*In a local DataServer configuration
*With a local schema holder connected
*With a MS SQL Server database connected
prowin32 schema-holder-name -1 -db datasrc-name -dt MSS
-ld mss-logical-dbname -U userID -P password -Dsrv
You can type these commands on the command line of a program item property box.
The following examples start OpenEdge in a local DataServer configuration:
*The schema holder's physical name is mssholder and it is read-only.
*The physical data source name and the MS SQL Server database name is sports.
*The data source type is MSS (Microsoft SQL Server).
*The logical database name is mysport.
*The user ID is bob.
*The password is bobpass.
*Assorted -Dsrv options are specified.
prowin32 mssholder -RO -db sports -dt MSS -ld mysport -U bob -P bobpass
-Dsrv qt_debug,EXTENDED