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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder

Connecting a schema holder

As described previously, connection can take place automatically using the information that you enter when you create a schema holder. In addition, OpenEdge provides the following techniques for connecting to a schema holder:
*Use the Data Dictionary or Data Administration. From the main menu, select Database > Connect and supply the schema holder's physical name and the appropriate connection parameters. You can then select your MS SQL Server database as your working database and connect to it. You cannot use the Utilities > Edit OpenEdge Auto-Connect option to connect to a MS SQL Server data source.
*Use the ABL CONNECT statement (see its reference entry in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference). A CONNECT statement must first list the schema holder and related connection parameters, then the MS SQL Server database and related parameters.
This command connects a schema holder named mssholder and MS SQL Server database named mssdemo:
CONNECT mssholder -1 -db mssdemo -dt MSS
-Dsrv qt_debug,EXTENDED
*Use connection parameters when you start OpenEdge. You can include these parameters on the program item command line or in a parameter file that you specify when you start OpenEdge. A parameter file is portable and easy to maintain. For information on creating a parameter file, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.
You can use combinations of different connection techniques. For example, you can connect the schema holder at startup, then connect to the DataServer using the OpenEdge CONNECT statement. If the proper connect information is stored in the schema holder, referencing a table in the MS SQL Server database will cause the DataServer to issue the connect statement automatically. Any combination of connection techniques works, as long as you first connect to the schema holder and then the MS SQL Server data source.
If you are not updating the schema holder, you can specify the Read-only (-RO) connection parameter to enhance DataServer performance.
If you connect to the schema holder and the MS SQL Server database in a single startup command or connection statement, be sure to specify parameters that affect the schema holder before the Database Name (-db) parameter. Specify only those parameters that affect the MS SQL Server database connection after the -db parameter.
The following section explains how to connect both a schema holder and a MS SQL Server database when you start up OpenEdge.
* Connecting a schema holder at startup
* Unsupported connection parameters
* Special connection issues
* Binding with connection and startup parameters
* Query tuning with connection and startup parameters
* Analyzing application execution with Enhanced Logger
* Local schema caching