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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder : Local schema caching

Local schema caching

By using a local file to store schema definitions, you can access them more quickly. Running DataServer applications with a local schema cache can result in better performance in networked environments.
The ABL SAVE CACHE COMPLETE statement creates a binary file that contains the entire schema for an OpenEdge database. Use this statement to create a cache file for a connected schema holder:
SAVE CACHE COMPLETE schema-holder-name TO filename.
For example, the following statement creates a cache file named sqlcache for the sqlhold schema holder:
SAVE CACHE COMPLETE sqlhold TO sqlcache.
To use the cache file specify the Schema Cache File (-cache) startup parameter and the cache filename when you connect to the schema holder. For example, the following CONNECT statement connects a MS SQL Server database whose data source name is sqlbdb with the schema sqlhold and tells OpenEdge to use the cache file sqlcache:
CONNECT sqlhold -RO -cache sqlcache -db sqlbdb -dt MSS -ld sqldemo -U bob -P bobpass-Dsrv qt_debug,EXTENDED.
If you make any changes to a schema holder, you must create a new cache file for it. For more information, see the "SAVE CACHE Statement" reference entry in OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.