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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Configuring the DataServer : Creating a schema holder : Preparing to create the schema holder

Preparing to create the schema holder

This section addresses the steps required to create the schema holder.
To prepare to create the schema holder:
1. Verify that your MS SQL Server database is accessible and that you can connect to it. Transact-SQL and the MS SQL Server Query Analyzer can serve as a test for connectivity.
2. Verify that you have installed the ODBC drivers.
3. Once you have configured your data source (DSN), make sure that you can establish a connection independent of using the DataServer. From your DSN configuration, select to test the connection to MS SQL Server using the ODBC interface.
4. Start the DataServer as described in either Starting a local DataServer or Starting a remote DataServer .
5. Open the Data Administration or the character Data Dictionary.