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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Starting a local DataServer

Starting a local DataServer

This section describes how to start a local DataServer for MS SQL Server from the startup command.
Starting the OpenEdge client starts the local DataServer. You include information about the ODBC data source, user ID, and password in the startup command.
Use the following steps to start the client:
1. Make sure that your ODBC drivers are installed and configured properly.
2. Start your MS SQL Server database.
3. Set any environment variables required for your configuration as described in the relevant section of Configuring the DataServer (for example, DSLOGDIR). You must set them in the environment from which you are starting the DataServer.
Note: Note that if you change the values of any environment variables, you must shut down the DataServer processes and restart them.
4. Start the client by entering the following command:
prowin32 schema-holder-name -db datasrc-name -dt MSS
-ld mss-logical-db-name -U userID -P password
For example, the following command starts OpenEdge with the local DataServer, connects a local schema holder named mssholder in single-user mode, and connects the MS SQL Server demo data source with the user bob whose password is bobpass:
prowin32 -1 mssholder -db demo -dt MSS -ld demo -U bob -P bobpass