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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial : Migrating an OpenEdge database to MS SQL Server : Preparing a data source for the utility

Preparing a data source for the utility

The OpenEdge DB to MS SQL Server migration utility translates definitions for OpenEdge objects into an SQL DDL script that loads into your target data source. It automatically makes adjustments in the target data source in order to provide the functionality of the OpenEdge and target systems.
When you use the OpenEdge DB to MS SQL Server utility to make a MS SQL Server database compatible, it converts arrays by using one column in the MS SQL Server database for each extent of the OpenEdge array. The utility generates names for the columns that it adds to a table in a target data source using the format field-name##extent-number. For example, an OpenEdge field called monthly-amount with an extent of 12 will have 12 columns in the data source with names such as MONTHLY_AMOUNT##1 through MONTHLY_AMOUNT##12.
Note: OpenEdge BLOB must be set to NOT NULL in MS SQL, that is, any MS SQL application that inserts records into a table also initializes the record with EMPTY_BLOB() function as OpenEdge DataServer cannot access a NULL BLOB column.