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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial : Migrating an OpenEdge database to MS SQL Server : Migrating defined constraint definitions to your foreign data source

Migrating defined constraint definitions to your foreign data source

Once your constraint definitions are defined in your OpenEdge database, you need to migrate them to your foreign data source. This migration is accomplished with the Schema push utilities, OpenEdge DB to MS SQL Server. constraint definition migration is enabled by default, so execution of a schema push will automatically migrate any constraint definitions. If you do not wish your constraint definitions to be migrated, uncheck the Migrate Constraints check box on the Advanced migration dialog box, or deactivate them prior to starting the migration. See Activating or deactivating a class of existing constraint definitions for information on deactivating constraint definitions. The user interface of the schema push utilities has changed.
Constraint definitions first defined in your foreign data source can be added to your OpenEdge schema holder during a schema pull, but are read only. To extract the read-only constraints into your OpenEdge database for reusing on subsequent migrations, use the Generating Constraints from ROWID option. For information on generating constraint definitions from ROWID, see Generating constraint definitions from ROWID .