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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder : Analyzing application execution with Enhanced Logger : Logging levels
Logging levels
You can choose one of five logging levels, as shown in the following table.
Table 44. Logging levels
Logging level
0 (None)
Logs no entries. This is equivalent to turning logging off.
1 (Errors)
Logs OpenEdge error messages. This includes all error messages and is unrelated to the entry types specified. Errors continue to be logged at all higher levels.
2 (Basic)
Log entry type determines the logged information. Each log entry type generates at least some output. This is the default.
3 (Verbose)
Logs more verbose levels of information than the basic level.
4 (Extended)
Extends the verbose logging level and, typically, the log information includes minute details or expands on the level of information provided by lower logging levels.
Note: All the log entry types may not log information at all the different logging levels. For information about the different log entry types and the logging levels associated with them, see Log entry types.