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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Initial Programming Considerations : Database design issues : Indexes and sorting : Large key entry support
Large key entry support
Updates in the OpenEdge database enable existing index key limits, currently set at approximately 200 bytes, to be widened. For example, this enhancement will enable databases with a block size of 4K or 8K to support a maximum index key of approximately 2000 bytes. Also, the index key width expansion extends the maximum key size supported in the OpenEdge client that can be used with databases exported to foreign data sources.
When you are migrating OpenEdge keys to a foreign data source, the key sizes cannot be larger than those supported by the foreign data source. Because the maximum OpenEdge key size is data-source dependent, you should consider your target data source's capacity with respect to the maximum OpenEdge key-size capacity before you perform a migration.
For example, migrating data to a MS SQL Server 2000 database will need to be limited to a wide key capacity of 900 bytes due to the 900-byte key restriction imposed by the foreign data source.