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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Introduction : SSL enabled DataServer for MS SQL : Distributed DataServer configuration with SSL for MSS

Distributed DataServer configuration with SSL for MSS

The DataServer broker ( _probrkr.exe) or an MSS DataServer instance of the Unified Broker) on a host machine determines the protocol requirements of the clients that connect to server components (_orasrv.exe) started by the broker on behalf of a connecting client. A distributed ProBroker or Unified Broker environment can accepts a -sslstartup or command line argument on the host machine to indicate that the types of client requests that the spawned DataServer (_msssrv.exe) can handle should be using ssl protocol over the network. OpenEdge DataServer client should only send SSL enabled requests over the network. A -ssl start-up parameter is also accepted by the client to instantiate an ssl connection with the server component. If an OpenEdge DataServer client is started without a -ssl startup parameter and it sends a connection request to a running broker in ssl mode, the broker fails to authenticate the client connection request. However, a message is then returned internally to the client requesting it to send an SSL enabled handshake. If the client is capable of sending an SSL request, the SSL connection is automatically established without specifying the client startup parameter.
See the OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration for an overview of the Unified Broker framework.