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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
The DataServer Tutorial : Managing server attributes : Defining constraint definitions in Data Administration

Defining constraint definitions in Data Administration

Use the procedures described in the following sections to define constraint definitions in Data Administration:
*Defining a primary key constraint definition
*Defining a unique key constraint definition
*Defining a foreign key constraint definition
*Defining a check constraint definition
*Defining a default constraint definition
The dialog boxes for defining primary, unique, and clustered index constraint definitions contain a common section that displays current settings for both OpenEdge properties and defined constraint definitions, a sample of which is shown in the following figure.
Figure 17. Index properties
Possible values for each field are:
*C — A C in a column indicates that a constraint definition of this type is currently defined. The constraint definition can be created in the foreign database if you configure your migration to migrate constraint definitions.
*I — An I indicates that the property is currently defined your OpenEdge database.