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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Connecting a schema holder : Analyzing application execution with Enhanced Logger : Creating a unique log file per connected client
Creating a unique log file per connected client
By default the log file started in the server context is shared by all client/server connections started under a specific broker.
You can optionally set another environment variable at startup called $UNIQUE_DSLOG if you wish to have a unique log file name for each client session.
Note: When multiple clients are connecting by specifying a non-zero -logthreshold value as a start up parameter, if the $UNIQUE_DSLOG environment variable is not set and -logthreshold value has been specified, each client generates a unique log file name.
When the $UNIQUE_DSLOG environment variable is set on, the log file name starts with ds_ followed by the log file name specified for the server context followed by the server's process ID number. The file extension continues to be .lg. The full name syntax is as follows:


ds_<-dslog or srvrDSLogFile name>_pid.lg.